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Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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Though prostitution wasn’t a legal crime in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Russia, Sonia is culprit of a moral crime, along with her father Mermeladov, and Katerina Ivanovna, who voicelessly push the girl towards such disgraceful path in the search for money for her family.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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Home — Essay Samples — Literature. Marmeladov, and Katerina Ivanovna. Moreover, he never even cared to look at the pawnbroker’s purse after he stole it and does not even know if there is any money in it. Finally, he knows this explanation is wrong because it does not adequately account for his present suffering and guilt: “If I’d.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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This novel also briefly addresses the issue of mental illness as a defense for crime. One of the strategies of Katerina Ivanovna and the defense attorney is to attempt to get Dmitry declared insane and thus not responsible for any actions he may have taken.


When they arrive, Katerina Ivanovna becomes hysterical and cannot control her grief and anxiety — the children are hungry, they have no money for a burial, and she has no one to turn to. Raskolnikov offers consolation and again offers to pay for a doctor and other expenses.

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A Nihilistic Analysis of Crime and Punishment This paper provides an exhaustive analysis, from a Nihilistic perspective, of the novel, Crime and Punishment. The paper is divided into many sections, each with a self-explanatory title in capital letters, such as the section that immediately follows this sentence.

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Forgiveness In The Hour Of Death, By Katerina Ivanovna; Forgiveness In The Hour Of Death, By Katerina Ivanovna. the fight against crime with repentance tormented the peak to the end of the vast literature of the nineteenth century, Dostoevsky. There is a world of the offense in Dostoevsky’s art, but also an aesthetic world neutralizes evil.

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Marmeladov tells Raskolnikov approximately his sickly spouse, Katerina Ivanovna, and his daughter, Sonya, who has been compelled into prostitution to help the family. Raskolnikov walks with Marmeladov to Marmeladov’s condominium, in which he meets Katerina and sees firsthand the squalid conditions wherein they live.


At the end of the last chapter, Raskolnikov notices an apparently disturbed person in the tavern drinking. After his visit with Alyona Ivanovna, he feels the need of a drink, and the lonely man begins a conversation with him. He identifies himself as Semyon Marmeladov, a clerk in the Civil Service. He has neither undressed nor washed for five days.

Luzhin questions Sonya about the financial conditions of the family and about the stability of Katerina Ivanovna, who is telling people that Luzhin is going to arrange for a pension for her. Luzhin makes it clear that he has no influence, but he tells Sonya he would like to try to get some type of fund started for the widowed Katerina.


Katerina Ivanovna appears as a tragic figure, portrayed in vivid images of coughed-up blood and inflamed cheeks. Her pride, unlike Raskolnikov’s, is deeply pathetic and intertwined with her poverty. She rails against a world that she believes has unjustly punished her.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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Crime and Punishment Part 5, Chapter 4 Summary by Fyodor. Critical Essays. Raskolnikov tells her the landlady evicted the family and that Katerina Ivanovna has run off into the streets.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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Ultimately, Katerina Ivanovna is inflicted with the views of society, particularly the assumptions and expectations of how a woman should act, and she recognizes it, and must recognize it in order to present herself as an appropriate woman within society. Not only does Katerina Ivanovna understand the perceptions that other people.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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I have the semblance of a beast, but Katerina Ivanovna, my spouse, is a person of education and an officer’s daughter. Granted, granted, I am a scoundrel, but she is a woman of a noble heart, full of sentiments, refined by education.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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Crime and Punishment Homework Help Questions. In the novel Crime and Punishment, how is the pawnbroker's room similar to and different from. Located upstairs in poor tenement buildings, both.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Summary Guide of Crime and Punishment Lesson 1: 1.Raskolnikov lives under the roof directly above his landlady in a small, tight garret surrounded by dusty yellow wallpaper and with nothing but a “clumsy” couch, an unlevel table with three unpainted chairs, and a few books covered in dust from abandonment.The area where he resides in could be described as the lower end of the socio.

Katerina Ivanovna Literary Essay

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